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“We had Jeff paint some clouds on a blue sky ceiling for our client.  The colors were incredibly vibrant and the clouds were extremely realistic. He exceeded our clients’ expectations and his professionalism made our company look great for referring him”


-   Tony Serivino, President & Founder, Professional Painters, Inc.

“Thank you for the great job on the set of the Vic Theater for the Chicago Comedy.  Your unique approach and attention to detail was second to none! I received many great comments from the performers and those in attendance on your “El train’.  As always, I appreciate your professionalism and timely work.  I would highly recommend your efforts to anyone that would want an awe-inspiring mural. I hope to speak to you soon for the upcoming festival projects.”


-   Todd Rutkowski, Producer

“I can’t say enough about the project Jeff did for us and our client – completing the project efficiently, effectively, and to the highest degree of quality, all within a very challenging time frame.  His exceptional murals, the cornerstone of an internal culture-building that has helped to re-shape and energize the employees of Bowe Bell & Howell. Jeff did a remarkable job of bringing the designs to life and transforming their new building (and corporate environment) into a source of continued inspiration.  Moreover, Jeff earned high praise from our client not only for his painting, but for his flexibility and professionalism, working unobtrusively so as to allow the company to continue business operations (moving in, holding meetings, hosting clients, etc.) as he was painting. I personally found Jeff to be a terrific asset and representative of our team, lending advice, making recommendations, and taking a very positive, “can-do” approach to getting things done. In short, Jeff is a great talent and he was a great pleasure to work with on this project. I know we couldn’t have done it – or achieved these remarkable results – without him. Jeff has my highest recommendation.”


-   Cary Martin, SVP, Paragraphs (


“Who do you do murals for?”

 I have done numerous home mural projects including kid’s rooms, living rooms, foyers, ceilings, man caves, kitchens, bathrooms, and even garages.

My commercial projects include restaurants, businesses, hospitals, schools, etc. Some familiar names include Buffalo Wild Wings, MillerCoors, Christ Children’s Hospital, Bell & Howell, The Wisconsin Dells, just to name a few. I have also sub-contracted for numerous painting and building contractors throughout the Chicagoland and southern Wisconsin areas.


What types of things do you paint?

Using primarily acrylic paints, I paint everything – people, animals, landscapes, still scenes, logos, lettering, tromp l’oeil (“trick the eye”), faux finishes, just name it!

Size does NOT matter! I’ve done projects as little as 3 x 3 inches, or as big as three stories!

Beyond exterior and interior walls, my portfolio also includes canvases, ceilings, doors, windows, roofs, even barrels and chairs!


“I have a particular design I want painted. How do I get a quote?”

If you have a picture or image in mind, you can simply forward it to me via text or email. We can than discuss the particulars, or I can come out to your project site to evaluate and discuss in-person. In either case, the quote is free. I will then follow up with a written quote and forward it to you via email.


“I know I want a mural, but I’m not sure  what I want. Can you help me come up with something?”

Of course! We can discuss your thoughts, color ideas, or anything else you may want included in the mural. Once I have all your pertinent information, we can go one of two ways; I can directly to putting together a quote for you, or I can create a demo design* for your approval.

If I am asked to do a demo design, I will take all the requirements into account, then make an e-document or hard copy mock-up of the mural for you to sign off on. If you approve it and the quote, we can make preparations to move forward. If the demo does not meet your approval, I will get back to the drawing board and do it again until I get it right.

If you have any other thoughts, questions, or concerns about the mural you’re thinking about, please don’t hesitate to ask! I will try to get back to any and all inquiries within 24 hours of receiving them. Contact me about anything at any time!



Thanks for your time and consideration!

    Jeff McAvoy

“The Muralist”

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bchs - 3.jpg

“We have our overhead garage door at our jiu jitsu academy in our mat space that was a huge eyesore. It was old, beat up, and really stood out. Jeff came, blew up our logo, painted it on the door and it looks fantastic! It completely changed the look and feel of our training area.  All our members were impressed and it was great for branding. On top of doing a great job, Jeff was punctual, and showed up on time every day.  He was a pleasure to work with and was extremely nice. You can tell he takes pride in his work and loves what he does. Thank you again for all your work, Jeff. We absolutely love it!”

-   Brad Johns,  Director of Operations & Member Services, 

    BJJ Lab Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy.

“Thank you for putting so much time and effort into creating our underwater nursery. We’ve had very high expectations for our first baby’s room and you’ve managed to meet them all. Thank you again for giving us the nursery of oour dreams.”

-   Andy & Cinzia Saruzzi, residents, Tinley Park, IL

“I can tell you that the mural has been well received by the public. I catch guests identifying the (sports) players on the wall frequently. The mural is eye-catching and improved the appearance as you approach the door. We now have some of the guests’ favorite Chicago sports figures ‘greeting’ them as they walk in. Being a sports-themed restaurant, the mural is a perfect for us and our guests.  Thank you for this work of art and your attention to detail.”


-   Zak Greer, Asst. GM. Buffalo Wild Wings, Geneva, IL

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(* There is a one-time fee of $85 for each demo design. The fee is deductible from the final contracted price. There is no additional fee for requested changes to demos.)

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